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Wednesday afternoon is reserved for optional excursions. Three different guided tours are proposed. The number of participants may be restricted. Tours will be booked following the rule "first registered, first served".
The three options are as follows:

  • A walking tour of Heidelberg's Old Town
  • A wine tasting tour in Affental Valley located near Baden-Baden
  • A visiting tour of the medieval Maulbronn Monastery (Unesco World Heritage Site)

The detailed information given below is provided by Karlsruhe Tourismus in charge of the guided tour organisation. Additional suggestions for tours and sightseeing in Karlsruhe from Karlsruhe Tourismus can be  downloaded here.

Walking tour of Heidelberg's Old Town


Enchanting alleys and squares, small gardens that pop up unexpectedly, museums and galleries: Heidelberg's Old Town has many facets. So that you do not miss any of it, we offer guided walks around the Old Town. Our tours will breathe life into the city's past, adding rich detail to the contours of today's city. Whether it is the Heiliggeistkirche (Church of the Holy Spirit), the Jesuit district, Germany's oldest university with its Studentenkarzer (Students´Prison), or the other sightseeing attractions: every place of interest in the Old Town has a unique ambience and history well worth immersing yourself in for a few minutes. The tour also passes along the Hauptstrasse (Main Street), one of the largest pedestrian zones in Europe. Many detours into the alleyways of the Old Town confirm once again the truth of the sentence which says "only truly learn about the countryside by taking tha back roads."


The excursion takes around 6 hours and includes :

  • Bus trip from/to Karlsruhe
  • Guest Guide (Language: engl.)
  • 3 hours Walking Tour Old Town (language engl.), Funicular Railway and entrance to castle
  • Free open time (ca. 1 hour)
Price: 38€ per person - 50 persons/bus


A Wine tasting tour in Affental valley


Affental is located in the district of Baden, Germany's southern most wine-growing regions. Here amid the warm climate of the Rhine Vally at the foot of the Black Forest, spring begins early. Warm granite-weathered soil on the steep Black forest precipices and stron loess terrain on the soft foothills are best suited for the cultivation of Pinot Noir and Rieslings.


The excursion takes around 5 hours and includes :

  • Bus trip from/to Karlsruhe
  • Guest Guide (Language: engl.)
  • Wine cellar tour (45min)
  • 6 wine type-tastings

Price: 37€ per person - 50 persons/bus


6 wine type-tastings

  • Rivaner QbA dry "Primus"
  • Riesling QbA "Affentaler Edition"
  • Grauer Burgunder Spätlese (Late Harvest) "Primus"
  • Pinot Noir Rosé Cabinet "Affentaler Edition"
  • Pinot Noir red wine QbA "Monkey bottle"
  • Pinot Noir QbA dry red wine "Buddle"


Visit of the Maulbronn Monastery (Unesco World Heritage Site)


Maulbronn Monastery (Kloster Maulbronn) is one of Europe’s most comple-te and bestpreserved Medieval monastery complexes. It combines a multitu-de of architectural styles, from Romanesque to late Gothic, in one place – creating a unique atmosphere.


The excursion takes around 4 hours and includes :

  • Bus trip from/to Karlsruhe
  • Guest Guide (Language: engl.)
  • Monastery tour, 1 hour
  • Opportunity visiting restaurant „Klosterschmiede“
  • Opportunity footpath to lake „Tiefensee“ (10 min)
Price: 34€ per person - 50 persons/bus